How to Get Over Nerves and Create a Personal Connection


Having difficulties talking to a girl you like? Don't fret, you aren't alone. Plenty of people suffer the same fate. Rather than thinking of it as being shy, consider yourself one step ahead when approaching a girl, you have an interest in. Doing so can be nerve-wracking even for a lot of confident guys.


Many guys struggle with the ability to come up with conversations on-the-spot. Because your first conversation can set the tone for your potential relationship, it can put a lot of pressure on the situation. It can be much easier to speak to a girl if you aren't necessarily interested in her.


Here are some of the best things that you can do if you want to get a girl to like you from the first conversation:


1. Give Compliments


Every girl loves getting compliments from everyone - especially guys. If you are fully aware of this fact, you can score a lot of points with a potential match very easily. However, don't just compliment her out of nowhere. Try to time your compliments to avoid any awkwardness. For instance, if it looks like she's put a lot of effort into her outfit, you can compliment it. You can always compliment her hair, eyes, or anything else - you just want to be natural about it. If she asked you to take a picture of herself, you can always compliment how photogenic she is.


2. Work On Your Self Confidence


Before getting close to her, you should ensure that you have full confidence in yourself. You want to build up the right amount of confidence before attempting to speak with a girl you like. Don't be too aggressive with your confidence because they won't like that. If you are naturally shy, you will need to put in some work to get to the level where you need to be. You can always ask your friends to give you some pointers to help you build up your confidence, or if you’d rather not be embarrassed by asking your friends you could always practice on an adult phone chat website like this one: Having the right amount of self-confidence is one of the key things that you need to have when you are looking to speak with a girl you like.


3. Open Up


A lot of guys struggle with this. If you have a difficult time opening up with even your friends, you will struggle to do so with a girl you have an interest in. This can be difficult to do, but it is something you must do. Opening up with a girl you like will move your conversation from something superficial to something much more. It will help you build emotional connections that you wouldn't normally be able to build. A lot of guys aren't able to do this properly as they've been trained to avoid looking and feeling vulnerable for the fear of looking weak.


A lot of women find opening up and being vulnerable as a sign of strength for men. They view this as an asset and because a lot of men don't possess this ability, you will naturally look better in their eyes.


4. Be Interesting


There is nothing that is going to turn you away from being a potential match than by being uninteresting. Everyone wants to speak with interesting people. However, you don't want her to feel completely out of place. Try to focus on things that she is interested in. Try to venture into topics she shows signs of being interested in and you should be able to score some points. Best of all, it will help boost your confidence as you are speaking to her.


5. Build An Emotional Connection


If you are looking to get the interest of a girl you like, you want to ensure you are building an emotional connection with them. You want to discuss things that have impacted you in your life both good and bad. Try to give her a sense of why you are who you are and where you came from. This will allow you to express things deeply and it can give her a sense of why you might be a potential match. Also, always give her freedom to speak. You should spend more time listening than speaking. Women love a good listener. Be that for her and you might just be able to spark her interest in you after all.



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