Five sentences that women like to hear during sex

Dirty talk or dirty conversations during sex never leave anyone indifferent. Either they adore them or they can’t stand them.

The sexes are very different on this issue. Research has long established that vulgar expressions or vocabularies are much more pleasing to men in bed than women, which is somewhat expected given the masculine nature and traditionally defined role in and out of bed.

Traditional upbringing is also the reason why women like these phrases much less, but recent research confirms that there are more and more women who have freed themselves from that barrier in bed. Like many other taboos. So, women are divided into two groups on this issue - the first group simply does NOT like vulgar conversations as a spice of sexual intercourse, while the second has nothing against it, but has been taught that it is not acceptable.

In a study involving 5,300 women, we found out which are vulgar or less vulgar phrases that raise their arousal to the peak during sex. Provided that the man knows how to pronounce them as and when he should:

1. You are so good! - it is not vulgar, but it is very pleasant because it encourages self-confidence and signals mutual enjoyment.

2. I want you now - 19% of respondents said that this simple vocabulary enhances their sexual desire as soon as possible.

3. Cum / explode for me! - It is not vulgar in the full sense of the word, but it gives a hint in that direction.

4. You drive me crazy! - as a rule, it works just like the first phrase, pleasing the ego and relaxing women in bed.

5.Bitch! - and I read through similar epithets to women who are completely free in bed and do not hide their "corrupt imagination".

Since dirty speech is a sexual spice that can ruin a thing or bring it to perfection - carefully examine the terrain with your partner in this regard.

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