Science Says: ​Funny Guys Give The Best Orgasms

The female orgasm has always been a complicated topic, with numerous unknowns around which we still break our heads ...

However, the latest research states that some of the more witty representatives of the male part of the population have the best chances to bring the ladies to this magical point. We all love a good joke and the feeling when we smile well to tears in conversation with others, and experiments recently published in the Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology publication state that humorous, creative and emotionally developed men are far more likely to cross their partners' high orgasmic thresholds.

The research was conducted involving 103 single women, aged 20 to 69, in charge of about 71 minutes of drawing their sexual pasts individually. The ladies in the relationship did not participate in the experiment, because the people in charge of performing it concluded that they may subconsciously feel obliged to rank their current partners at a higher level than is actually true.

The entire research is based on defining all the factors that men can provide to women in order to reach orgasm with the greatest enjoyment. This also suggests that attraction allows women to experience intimacy on a far greater level.

However, this paper also emphasized that attractiveness is not only based on good looks, stating: “The pattern we found in our results suggests that female orgasm is far more often conditioned by male traits that potentially build attention, like emotional warmth and fidelity, rather than the classic characteristics of good genes and macho traits. ”

According to the research, women had the best experience when men have positive psychological traits. "Partners who include high orgasmic rates are ranked as very humorous, creative, warm, loyal and smell better than partners who are involved in lower ranks, including far greater efforts to bring their more beautiful half to orgasm."

The team that worked on this research pointed out certain limitations of their study, which include the inability to accurately define the specific contribution of individual characteristics that contribute to female orgasm. "For example, a higher level of humor and creativity can contribute to the rating of attractiveness, which is later manifested by an increase in the quality of the female orgasm."

It is also possible for partners who often give each other an orgasm to engage in activities that are more likely to lead them to climax. Still, humor as a trait certainly can’t hurt.


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