How to perform a lotus - the most intimate sex pose

The wonderful thing about sex is that there are so many different poses designed to meet all the needs that two people in love can have ... 


If you need something rougher, which definitely revives your animal instincts, it is possible to try any of the different variations of the pose from behind. However, if you are looking for something that will enhance intimacy, you need to consider the lotus pose.

Lotus is a classic tantric pose, but in tantra it comes under the name Yab Yum. This sex pose is ideal for someone who wants to feel intimate with their partner, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If you are someone who really loves missionary because you feel connected to the better half during and after the intercourse , then the lotus is the right thing for you. Without insulting the classic way of making love, we can freely say that the lotus gives the missionary position a new level.

"While enjoying the lotus position, you have access to your partner's entire body," said Megan Fleming, a sex expert at Lovehoney. "You can enjoy her breasts, or buttocks, while caressing her legs at the same time. At the same time, it is possible to wrap your arms around her back and thus hold her in your arms. On the other hand, the biggest advantage of the lotus pose is the level of intimate connection and close contact "Face to face," Fleming added. "From a Trantian perspective, you have the ability to look your partner in the eye, but you can easily kiss her whenever you want, too."

You may be wondering why the lotus pose is not as popular in the bedroom as the missionary or from behind. The main reason is that it is not at all easy to perform, but don't worry, we will now explain everything you need to know about it for your complete enjoyment, and there are certain alternatives in case the original setting is not good enough for you. .

How to perform a lotus pose

In order for the lotus pose to be performed correctly, the insertive partner must sit with legs slightly crossed as for meditation. The receptive partner can then sit on your lap and wrap legs behind partner. In the resulting composition, the partner below can maneuver with ease and find way into his partner's vagina.

The lotus pose comes with several challenges

First of all, this is not the easiest pose to perform. It is very important to have your hips open to maintain its shape. Also, the lotus requires the strength and endurance of a person sitting with his legs crossed, because they maintain the entire weight of their partner on them. Additionally, there is a problem that arises with the difference in the height of the partner. “If you are tall and your partner is short, or if one of the partners is quite heavy, then this pose can become unfeasible,” Fleming said.

This pose is not good for people who like input / output aspects of sexual intercourse. "This pose can really allow you to swing and rub, back and forth, so if a man likes higher amounts of friction, this pose is definitely not for him."

Try this variation on a theme

Fortunately, there are several variations of the lotus pose that you can try during an intimate love session, but you are not able to perform the classic tantric version. You can try the Pitcher’s Mound pose, which is essentially a modified lotus pose. "It's basically the same formation here, except you can now sit in a chair with a partner in your lap."

With this concept, you can bear the weight of your partner much easier, but also, you do not need to be too flexible because you will sit comfortably in a chair.


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