Here's why you should open your car door with the opposite hand

When exiting your vehicle, open the door with your hand away from the door ...

Did it ever happen to you to park in a narrow street and just as you were about to open the door, another car flew past you? Then you must think, "Uh, I was lucky, if I opened the door, I'd be hit by a car."

Such accidents and troubles can be avoided by simply looking in the rearview mirror before exiting the car, but many people simply forget it and open the door without thinking. So this is a great trick that will give you safety and security.

If you open the door with your hand away from the door, your body will face the rearview mirror and you will automatically look into the rearview mirror each time before opening the door.

This way, you will always get out of your vehicle safely and also reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.


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