Experts answered how and why quarantine makes us hornier than usual

There is already a month (somewhere more) that the whole world is quarantined and it was only a matter of time before some new trends would pop up on social networks. And although most of the social networking trends are annoying us, this is not the case this time.

Specifically, forced isolation has attracted all those nudes that until a few months ago were only reserved for DMs, on Instagram feeds on the pretext of various "challenges".

If you get the feeling that people are hornier than usual - you're right. The question why this is so has also been addressed by experts who have commented on this emerging phenomenon for Ask Man.

Boredom and stress factor

"At the moment, most people are experiencing social and physical distance, which leaves them without the usual routine," says Harvey Weissman, a licensed psychotherapist specializing in sex addiction.

"The uncertainty of the world, combined with the inability to engage in the usual routines and activities that make people feel good, can create increased stress and anxiety." While neither stress nor anxiety are some particularly erotic feelings, paradoxically, they can lead to heightened arousal.

"There is certainly a belief that boredom, fear and stress lead to an increased desire for sex," says another therapist, Jor-El Caraballo.

This behavior is supposedly evolutionary conditioned, and is shown in the way that when a person is faced with increased stress, he turns to actions by which he can release himself from stress, therefore - masturbation.

"If a person regularly practices sex or sexualised acts such as using pornography and masturbation to alleviate anxiety and uncertainty, a time like this could produce a stronger desire for sex," Weissman notes.

"A similar dynamic took place after the 11/9 attacks - people began to resort more than usual to adventures as a way to find solace and connection with other people," Barrett says of the odd times we find ourselves. "When news creates stress and anxiety, we look for sexual connection as a way to find safety and to feel closer to normal again."

And as a good part of people isolate themselves and have no opportunity to engage in sex, there is an increased amount of other "sexualized acts". When we think about all this, it's clear that a baby boom is inevitable. The only question is, do we expect more quarantine or post-quarantine children?   


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