Women are in to Lumbersexuals, and here's who they are

We've heard of metrosexuals, but this is a whole new term ...

If you are a little more active on Instagram, then you may have noticed the name lumbersexuals, which is often mentioned, especially by women who take them to heaven. We decided to tackle this new phenomenon and find out who are the men who fall into this category.

So lumbersexuals are men who fall into the mix of hipsters and lumberjacks. They are usually characterized by a more neglected, masculine and disorderly appearance. Although many would think that men like this would be anything but attractive, women say that they are the most beautiful and radiate a masculine sexy that shows what real men are.

They usually wear plaid shirts, ripped jeans and have frequent tattoos on them. Most of their hairstyles are longer and their beards are also long and not so trim, which makes them look quite masculine and strong.

We will show you the most famous men who, in the opinion of women, fall into this category, and if you want to make it easier for the eyes of the more beautiful half, then steal some fashion advice from these men.



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