Science say: Men can smell when a woman is sexually aroused

Men can recognize the smell of a sexually aroused woman, according to scientists at the universities of Kent and Pennsylvania.

Men can distinguish the smell of a sexually aroused woman from the smell of a woman who is not, scientists say.

Dr Arnaud Wisman, a psychologist at the University of Kent and his colleague at the University of Pennsylvania, Ilan Shrira, also say that the smell of an excited woman can excite a man as well.

Their conclusion is based on the results of three experiments. Researchers collected sweat samples from the armpits of women watching documentaries about the construction of the bridge and the erotic film Nine Poems, while cycling in the gym.

Participants then completed a questionnaire to rate their sexual arousal level.

In the first experiment, 11 samples of sexually aroused and non aroused women were given to twenty-four heterosexual men. To them, the smell of excited women was more sexually appealing.

In second experiment, 32 heterosexual men examined the odor patterns of six women. Their job was to smell sweat patterns and then evaluate their personal level of sexual arousal. In the first part, the results of the previous experiment were repeated, and the second part showed that men were sexually aroused when they smelled a sexually aroused woman.

During the third experiment, 35 men underwent an olfactory test (samples were taken from seven women). Afterwards, the researchers showed them photos - on some photos were "scarcely dressed women in provocative poses."

The results show that photos of women in provocative poses attract men more after exposure to smell of excited women.

"This research has shown that men are sensitive to the olfactory signals of women's sexual arousal. The study suggests that signals like this - along with visual and auditory ones - can give a stronger signal that increases the desire for sex” explains Dr. Wisman. 

The study involved women not using contraceptive pills.

This is not the first study to address how odors affect sexual arousal.

Psychologist Jeffrey Miller published a famous article in 2007 stating that go-go dancers receive the most tips from clients when they are in the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle.

At the same time, the average earnings of dancers taking contraceptive pills were lower than those who did not use these pills.



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