Quarantine has caught a new trend that we really like - people are increasingly sending and posting nude photos

In the pre-Corona era, the term "send nudes" was usually used in a joke, and in cases where it was pronounced seriously, the person on the other side would most often respond with "what a cryper." The only worse thing than having a complete stranger ask you to send him your naked photos would be for him to send you his without anyone asking for it.

But in the last few weeks, we have obviously been living in some sort of reverse reality brought to us by the Corona. This new reality also involves a different attitude towards nude photos, more specifically our desire to distribute them.

In an age of self-isolation and restricted movement, it is logical that people are bored. And what do we do when we're bored and alone? Exactly.

The tension and the need for physical contact, or at least validation of physical appearance, has increased at a time when we have been denied it. We are sure that it is for this reason that on Instagram we see of (mostly) women taking nude photos, covered only with a pillow. A desire for validation in the form of "you are hot" comments.

However, it is not only the photos where the strategic parts are covered in anything that care. The internet has also recently noticed an increase in the sending and publishing of completely nude photos.

Reddit's top five subreddits where people can post their naked photos (the time when others posted other people's naked photos on the Internet is totaly 2010) by number of subscribers are r / GoneWild, r / PetiteGoneWild, r / Asiansgonewild, r / GWCouples, r / GoneWild30plus - you cannot find them by searching Reddit, you must search for them on Google. Each of them has noticed an increase in posts since early February. 

The r / GoneWild subreddit alone has over 2 and a half million subscribers and over 3000 posts per day. DAILY! Over 3000 people voluntarily posted on a non-pornographic site. The popularity of that subreddit has not led to quarantine, but there is a noticeable increase in activity - as well as anything involving boobs and other body parts that are otherwise hidden by these silly and unnecessary clothing. Just one example of such postings is from a username / maskedmouththrowaway who posted a full front naked photo in the mirror, including her face, and wrote: "The world is ending so [f]uck it, I’ll show my face." 

We still had to censor the post, but for anyone interested in more detail, feel free to visit one of the subredits above - it's free, it's legal, and most of all - they want you to watch it. 
Jackson, 25, from Newcastle, Australia, told Buzzfeed that he has been receiving and making many more naked photos than he used to before quarantine.

"When you are single and you can't find anyone, phone sex / snapchat sex / nude photo sharing is a good way to spend time and somehow meet your sexual needs.

"What I noticed is that we all have more time now. You've heard about boredom overeating, now prepare for d **** out of boredom. "

Some people also spend time making nude photos, but don't send them to others but store them in their cellphone for "some happier times".

"I pile them up in my cellphone just in case they need me lol, and because it's fun," Lindsey says. "I realized how long it would be until I saw someone again. I thought this was a fun way to keep the spark in the meantime. "

Hey, this quarantine is not so bad.


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