Life is short, you need to add booze to your morning coffee - Easy recipes

The only recipe worth mentioning for working from home is - add booze to morning coffee!

After all - why not make a special event from this morning? Even if you take out a shaker ... Pfff ..

We have three perfect options for morning coffee (or coffee anytime of the day).

The first option involves Bailey's in coffee or any Fakley's. This is the simplest option, there is not a lot of brains, the taste of this liqueur blends perfectly with coffee, and it also has the perfect texture, whether you drink coffee with or without milk.

Another option includes a classic irish, none of that baggy-flavored nonsense. There are few ingredients. Whiskey and one teaspoon of sugar (in the original recipes brown, but who cares?) Make it into the coffee and mix until completely melted. You put the whipped cream on top, holding it with a spoon to prevent it from dipping. Even though you're home and you don't have to worry too much about the presentation, you can do whatever you want. 
The third option, perhaps not as well known as the first two, is: cherry liqueur and chocolate syrup. If you believe us - this one wins.  

All you need is a cup of coffee, an "eye-to-eye" measure of cherry liqueur (preferably sweeter liqueur) and a tablespoon of chocolate syrup. Coffee is super consistent with chocolate, chocolate has a stronger taste, and coffee no longer has any bitterness. You have the impression that chocolate is covered with cherries, and isn't that something we all need right now? You can also add whipped cream, but it is not necessary. Or ice cream, but then we are already entering a special territory where coffee, booze and desserts are mixed, which is not fair game to all other beverages in the world. 


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