Do women like men with mustaches?

Bearded men are very popular today, but what about the mustache guys?

In the United States, research was conducted to determine whether women are attracted to men with mustaches. In most cases, bearded men have been shown to be attractive to women and some women are attracted to partners who have facial hair, but what happens when a man has no beard but just a mustache?

The answer may surprise some. Research has shown that women think that men with mustaches are unattractive and consider that mustaches spoil their appearance. Only 10% of women surveyed said they liked men with mustaches, when those men were over 50 years old.

The women said they thought that mustaches were a hallmark of older men and that younger ones should not wear them. Still, the ladies made an exception when asked about their beards and said that their mustache goes well with the beard, so only then can they tolerate it.  

We did a survey where we asked young ladies what they thought about mustache men, here's what they said:

Jasmine (49): “Mustaches are out of fashion for a long time and I don't know why anyone would wear them today. I'm almost entering the sixth decade and mustache to me are not attractive at all. "  

Ana (26): “We are not in the 19th century for men to wear mustaches. I don’t think even my grandfather wore a mustache, so I don’t want my boyfriend to wear a mustache.'' 

Mary (34): "Beard and mustache - yes, mustache - no."

Natasha (38): "I think it's a fashion past, a beard and it can somehow go, but just a mustache, no way."

Natalie (24): "Maybe a mustache would look nice on a serious and sleek man, but not on 25 year old."   

Tara (21): “I think it's a matter of years and mustaches are definitely for older men. The beard is incredibly popular, but mustaches are not and I think they should be worn by men in good age. ” 


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