Does alcohol kill the coronavirus?

Many have begun to use the coronavirus spread as an excuse to drink alcohol more often ...

Many people are led by the logic that they will be more protected and healthier if they drink a little brandy or some other alcoholic beverage every day because they believe that alcohol in beverages kills the virus and thus they disinfect their mouth and defend themselves against the COVID 19.

While this is partially true, research has found that a corona can only be killed by 70% or stronger alcohol, and there is simply not that much alcohol in alcoholic beverages. However, doctors warn that even if brandy and liquor kill the corona, again it would not help much in your protection if you did not adhere to safety sanitation. Dirty hands are the cause of contagion in 70% of cases, so a disinfected mouth will not help you if you touch your face with infected and dirty hands.

Hand washing is the best way to protect yourself from viruses, as well as frequently disinfecting things you often touch, such as handles, controls and cell phones. Of course, isolating and separating yourself from other people is also the right way to protect yourself, as this reduces contact with the virus.

So, do not intoxicate and overdo it with alcoholic beverages as this will not protect you, keep your hygiene in mind and stay in the house, thus minimizing the chances of getting this problematic virus.   


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